I wish I could take these in a studio. The lighting sucks, so the focus sucks, and erghhh its so frustrating. 
Haircut today.





Anonymous asked: I'm infatuated I've never heard of a girl into anal play
getnakedgetfamous replied:



WHAT!? Lol I don’t know a girl who isn’t into it.

Really? You should use this website called tumblr. They’re all into it there.

My best friend and I were talking about how it’s so amazing, that people who have such a defined look, personality, and style, can still be the most boring, underdeveloped people in the world, and that at some point, the people who truly are just the most uninteresting swirl together in a blur or chipotle, and ironic music choices. 

I’m not a porn blog…but I could see how you could confuse me.

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